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The Gift of Relief

Video Transcript

Carla: I'm Carla Shonley I have lived here in Huron for the last 31 years. I do daycare in my home, and have for almost 20 years. I fell at home in the early morning hours and I gave myself a black eye and an injured shoulder. The injured shoulder has persisted for two years. The black eye erased itself, but the shoulder not so much. I received several shots over a period of time and I did physical therapy, but nothing seemed to help or improve my pain or my ability to use my shoulder. It just continued to get worse. Basically as a last ditche effort, I went back to my medical doctor and got another shot. I did physical therapy and all of that and then he recommended that I see Dr. Anderson. I was not prepared to be impressed, but I was! Dr. Anderson looked at my MRI and he gave me a shot just to try to get me through because of the pain. We discussed surgery and he said that he felt confident that he could repair my shoulder and get me back to normal use without any pain.

Dr. Todd Anderson: We obtained an MRI scan to give us more information and found out she had a tear in her rotator cuff. And that type of tear is something that requires surgery to fix. I told her, this is actually something that you're not going to fix without surgery, and so we moved forward.

Carla: It's amazing having the pain gone because I can sleep again and I'm not miserable. I'm not taking narcotics every day, like I was for two years. Just the sleep itself kind of changes your outlook on life! It was very important (to have the surgery locally) and the fact that I could do it here limited the time I would have to take off of work because I wasn't running after appointments out of town. Everything I did was here. I came for surgery and I went home basically six hours later. I had my checkups after surgery and literally wasn't gone from my house for more than 45 minutes because I'm literally right here. I would recommend him (Dr. Anderson) to anyone and I don't say that lightly, because as I stated earlier, I was not in a frame of mind to accept him or like him and he totally changed that. He has an amazing sense of humor. He's very in touch with his patients and as har as his surgical abilities, I'd say they're pretty good because it's only been five weeks and I already feel great. So I would recommend anybody that needed an orthopedic to come see him.

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