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Testimonial - Nita's Horse Story

Video Transcript

Nita: I've been horseback riding all my life. That's kind of my entertainment. That's my passion. If there's one thing I like to do, it's ride a horse. It decided it was going to dismount me, and it did. So that's when I fell on my arm and broke it. I'm probably getting a little older, my bones don't bounce like they used to. He was our youngest horse, and he's got a little more energy than sometimes we need.

Dr. Todd Anderson: Nita fell off a horse and fractured her humerus, and completely broke it. It was quite unstable, and it's a painful injury. So she was brought to the Emergency Room, and they called me to come see her. I splinted and stabilized her arm, and got her set up with some pain medication. We explained what was going on, and then we were able to treat her fracture without surgery.  

Screen text: After a few weeks in the splint, Nina saw Dr. Anderson in the HRMC Physicians Clinic to see how her injury was healing.

Dr. Todd Anderson: She was tough as nails getting through the first couple of weeks, when it hurt quite a bit.

Nita: He was very compassionate, very kind. Very professional. I was hurt pretty bad when I came into the clinic and I just thought he was excellent, him and his staff. When I came in they took an X-Ray of it to see how it was doing, and it was lined up pretty good, really,  which we were very impressed by how he handled it. So we just kind of let it go then for a couple weeks. Came back in and did another X-Ray and he said everything is still going good. So yes, I would recommend him to anybody. 

Screen text: The right care is right here. Call 605-353-7660 or visit www.huronregional.org.

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