New Cryosurgery Technology at HRMC Physicians Clinic

May 10, 2015

HURON, S.D. – Patients at the HRMC Physicians Clinic have a new option for having common skin lesions removed quickly and easily in the office.

The CryoPen Cryosurgical System allows doctors to remove skin lesions such as warts, plantars warts, skin tags, age spots, sun damage and non-recurrent basal cell cancer without exposing patients to potentially dangerous cryogenic gases or liquids normally used to “freeze” such tissues.

Because of the pen-point precision, the CryoPen is less painful and no anesthesia is needed. The healing time can also be shorter than other methods available. Physicians can administer the treatment in their offices, without referral to a surgeon. The HRMC Physicians Clinic is the first in the South Dakota to utilize the new technology.

Both Travis Lehman, DO, internist, and Jesse Van Heukelom, MD, pediatrician, and their staff have received training to provide treatments utilizing the new CryoPen.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call HRMC Physicians Clinic at (605) 353-7660. Details about the CryoPen technology are available at

Dr. Travis Lehman and clinic staff receive training on using the CryoPen Cryosurgical System