Kristin Pratt Cares for the Whole Family

May 23, 2019

Huron, S.D. – For Kristin Pratt, a certified family nurse practitioner at HRMC Physicians Clinic, the desire to care for families started when she was a kid growing up in Savannah, Georgia.

When she was in middle school, her grandfather was diagnosed with leukemia. This life event led to Pratt becoming a nurse and, most recently, a nurse practitioner.

As a certified family nurse practitioner, Pratt now provides family healthcare services, including assessment, diagnosis, evaluation and treatment, to patients of all ages.

 “I’m really passionate about taking care of the family as a whole, from newborn babies to older patients and everyone in between,” Pratt says. “Being a nurse practitioner at our clinic allows me to do that and more.”

After joining HRMC more than four years ago as a registered nurse, Pratt shifted her focus from nursing care in the intensive care unit to family care in the clinical setting. She earned her nurse practitioner degree from South University in Savannah in 2017 and began seeing patients at HRMC Physicians Clinic in June 2018.

“I think my nursing background set me up to become a nurse practitioner,” Pratt says. “I have gained so much knowledge being a nurse, and I use that background when caring for patients.”

Pratt earned her associate of science in nursing degree from Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota, and worked as a nurse in an ortho/trauma/step-down unit at Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah prior to joining HRMC.

Pratt and her husband, Jordan, and son, Granger, enjoy spending time outdoors. Her hobbies include duck hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and crafting.

She is currently accepting new patients, to schedule an appointment or an annual physical, call 605-353-7660 or visit