HRMC Physicians Clinic Introduces Call Routing Options

March 21, 2023

To help patients quickly and conveniently reach their personal care teams, the HRMC Physicians Clinic has implemented a call routing system.  Upon dialing the clinic number, patients will now be greeted with a voice recording which first asks callers to enter one (1) for English, two (2) for Spanish, and three (3) for Karen.

Callers will then be directed to choose one of several options to be routed directly to a specific care team or specialist, as listed below:

  1. Internal Medicine:
    Dr. Chris Bronson, Dr. Brett Mathers, Dr. Raul Octaviani and Dr. Rebecca Runge
  2. Adult Medicine:
    Doreen Boomsma, CNP and Danielle Rathjen, DNP
  3. Family Medicine:
    Dr. Vincent Oyler, Kristin VanBuskirk, CNP and Kristina Boetel, CNP
  4. OB/Gyn:
    Dr. Julio Guerra and Rebekah Storm, DNP
  5. Orthopedics, Surgery, Urology:
    Dr. Todd Anderson, Dr. Nathan Bockholt, Dr. Darlys Hofer
  6. Billing and Payments
  7. Line for Outside Medical Providers
  8. All Other Clinic Inquiries:
    The community should use option 8 for general questions or to find a care provider.

Upon choosing the desired option, patients will be greeted by a helpful team scheduler or nurse who works as a member of that specific care team. This new process is designed to provide patients with more direct access to the teams they know and trust.  

In addition, the HRMC Physicians Clinic offers a HealtheLife online patient portal, where patients can conveniently and securely communicate with their provider, request prescription refills, view, cancel or request appointments and see results and personal health information. Instructions and a link to the HealtheLife patient portal can be found at To contact the HRMC Physicians Clinic, call 605-353-7660. Appointments can also be requested online at