HRMC Physicians Clinic Expansion Planned

May 17, 2021

Physicians Clinic Expansion
Dr. Robert Hohm, internist
Jusin Picek, HRMC board member &
Erick Larson, HRMC president & CEO

Huron Regional Medical Center board of directors recently voted to approve an HRMC Physicians Clinic expansion project so even more area residents will have access to quality care. Once completed in summer 2022, the clinic, which is located just south of the hospital, will be transformed from a single-story structure to a two-level clinic.

“We’re going to kick off the project early June to begin an expansion of our clinic making space to accommodate the addition of three new physicians, as well as staff and patients of Tschetter & Hohm Clinic,” says Erick Larson, president and CEO of Huron Regional Medical Center.

In July of this year, HRMC will assume operations of Tschetter & Hohm Clinic, but staff and the physicians will remain in their current location until the construction project is complete next summer, according to Larson.

“This is an exciting time to be part of HRMC,” says Justin Picek, owner of Picek Construction and HRMC board member, who is leading the construction project. “As our community’s demographics and culture change, HRMC continues to provide quality patient care. They do it by attracting excellent providers to the area.”

With twice the room, the clinic will have space to serve more patients and house up to 20 physicians. However, the extra room isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity, driven by the community’s trust, according to Picek.

“Since the clinic opened in 2014, we’ve had a tremendous impact on our community,” says Jennifer Kalahar, CPME, HRMC Clinics and Outreach Director. “This growth will further enhance our ability to serve people and keep them from having to travel far to receive necessary care.”

HRMC is not only adding a second floor to the HRMC Physicians Clinic, but also welcoming new faces. In addition to Vincent Oyler, MD, a family medicine physician who joined HRMC in May, two new internists, Kristen Hughes, MD, and Brett Mathers, DO, are joining HRMC Physicians Clinic this September.

“Part of our responsibility to our community is to make wise investments to further the quality of the care they can receive in the community,” says Larson. ““We want our residents to believe, feel and know we’re a community asset and that we’re here for them.”