Flu Mist and Shot Available at HRMC Physicians Clinic

October 26, 2015

Huron, S.D. – Flu season is just around the corner and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends everyone over the age of six months be vaccinated against seasonal influenza.

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting a flu vaccine each year.

HRMC Physicians Clinic is now taking appointments for flu shots or the alternative flu mist. Dr. Jesse Van Heukelom, a board-certified pediatrician, provides flu vaccinations and the nasal spray option (flu mist), which is approved for use only among healthy children beginning at age two and provides flu protection for up to one year. Flu vaccines are provided free by the State of South Dakota to children ages six months to 18 years. Flu mist is provided free to children age two to 18 years. There is a small administration fee.

Dr. Travis Lehman, an internist, provides flu vaccinations to adults age 18 and older.

The HRMC Physicians Clinic is located at 534 Oregon Avenue SE. For more information or to make an appointment, call 353-7660.